ACI 21st Century Classroom

Project Concept & Description

Research suggests a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning increases engagement, promotes deeper participation, maximizes student achievement, and elevates the idea that learning is fun. To fully capitalize on the benefits of active learning, physical space must support and enhance the pedagogies employed in the classroom. Personalizing a space, meaning letting the students decide what to put on walls and arranging seating placement, etc., helps the users to adopt the space and become much more eager to learn.
The aim was to create an integrated working and learning space for students through different varied and flexible spaces beside American Collegiate Institute’s (ACI) progressive educational approach—an innovative space for highlighting a 21st-century learning environment. The essentials of this new-era classroom are the multimedia approach to learning core content, promoting essential learning and innovation skills, and building information, media, and technology skills in context. Instead of being reserved only for special projects, technology is fully integrated into daily instruction.
ACI is located on the greens of the Göztepe neighbourhood of Izmir, Turkey. The use of green colour and plywood for walls, as well as for built-in and freestanding furniture, gives the space warmth and visual unity alongside the exterior.

  • Date: 2021 June
  • Category: Educational

Designed w/ Can Yengül