Admiral Boland Way Mural Project

Project Concept & Description

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) Arts Program includes performing arts, public art, and temporary exhibition components which are aimed at engaging travelers and creating an ambiance unique to the culture of San Diego. Each year the Arts Program selects artists to submit proposals related to their artworks. This year Beliz İristay is one of the selected artists.

Beliz is a visual artist working on both sides of the United States and Mexico border region. As such her work is a representation of the identity created in the in-between spaces. Beliz creates installation work that critically examines the traditions in the cultures she has experienced, specifically as they relate to tradition, identity, gender, and custom.

Our role was to produce a large-scale mural along the fence running parallel to the Wind Tunnel Building in San Diego International Airport. When developing the mural, we wanted to integrate the design with Beliz’s artistic personality and the airport environment.

The mural is 96’ wide by 6’ tall and will be on view for approximately 2 years.

  • Date: September 2021
  • Category: Public Art