Project Concept & Description

Located on Tunalı Street in Akara/Turkey, Mexican Cultural Centre offers many events to provide intercultural dialogue. Space signifies a place to gather with friends and visitors. a place where they can socialize, experience, and learn together.

Our goal was to create a dynamic and calm space while ensuring the comfort, safety, and wellness of the users. The materials chosen for space include concrete, glass, wood, and steel and the color palette is based on a soft and joyful approach: white, grey, beige, and red. Modern, bold style combined with the feeling of an authentic Mexican style.

Mexican Cultural Centre hosts two levels and is anchored by a staircase, which serves as a focal element that can be seen from the entrance. Since the side facade of the building is full of glass, the courtyard becomes visible even before entering the cultural center, and the activities taking place in it (exhibitions, workshops, etc.) can be perceived from the outside.

Spaces with different attributes and categories go from the most public -exhibition area, cafe- to the most private –classrooms, administrative offices- controlling the degree of enclosure, transparency, and connection with the exterior.

  • Date: 2018 – 1st Semester
  • Category: Commercial