Project Concept & Description

Mien Urla is located in Urla, İzmir once the center of overseas trade relations in old times. It was an abandoned soap factory for years before the restoration. Then became a boutique hotel providing a unique experience of the natural environment. By interpreting the sources around Urla, the material palette and colors are inspired by the local textures.

The interior is considered a reflective element of nature. Mien Urla consists of 6 rooms; 2 double, 2 suites, and 2 single rooms. The rooms are located to experience two different sides of the site. Each opening leads guests to the exterior. Restaurant, bar, and workshop areas are also available for guests from outside. The use of workshops changes according to the season of the year, weather, and user preferences.

  • Date: 2019-1st Semester
  • Category: Residential